Welcome to Creative Counseling for Youth and Families. We are an inclusive service provider for child counseling, teen counseling and family counseling in Indianapolis offering high-quality, evidence-informed counseling for a variety of emotional and behavioral needs.

Our practice is founded on three core principles:

languageSpeaking the Language of Youth:

We speak the language of youth — arts, play and metaphor. Children are drawn to play and the arts as it assists their ability to explore thoughts, problem solve, express what is happening in their daily lives and process feelings. Teens utilize metaphor to express themselves and process circumstances. Youth can also learn to cope with circumstance and symptoms through the arts. We utilize clinically appropriate arts and talk-based therapy to provide a creative solution to your youth’s needs.

familyengagingEngaging Family:

Parent and/or caregiver engagement is key in the success and growth of children and teens participating in therapy. Parents and caregivers are part of the therapy process; some families choose to engage in family sessions, others benefit from parenting education, youth goal monitoring and/or psycho-education from their youth’s provider.

inclusionAcceptance and Inclusion: 

Creative Counseling for Youth and Families is a judgement-free practice. Our services are open to all youth (over age three) and their families. We believe, as long as a youth and family is showing up, there is no wrong way to engage in therapy. Our fees are based on household income to encourage inclusion in the community.

Located in the Nora neighborhood, Creative Counseling for Youth and Families’ office is accessible to Carmel, Zionsville, Fishers and the Northern region of Indianapolis. Contact us for your complimentary phone consultation or schedule an appointment today.

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