Who We Serve

Creative Counseling for Youth and Families provides services for children ages 3 to 12 and teens 13 to 19. We offer individual counseling for a variety of emotional and behavioral concerns including:

  • anxiety/worry
  • depressive symptoms
  • poor attention
  • hyperactivity
  • neurocognitive challenges including Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • sleep concerns
  • grief and loss
  • persistent unhappiness
  • self-harm
  • suicidal thoughts
  • change in life circumstance (divorce, move, adoption etc.)
  • LGBTQ social stress
  • sibling conflict

Unique Approach to Each Challenge

We address each client and concern as unique and use a variety of methods (interventions) including:

  • behavioral modification
  • strength-based, solution focused
  • play therapy techniques
  • art therapy
  • motivational interviewing
  • dance/movement therapy
  • poetry therapy
  • expressive arts
  • verbal processing

Family Involvement

When a youth is involved in counseling, it is Creative Counseling’s goal to engage the family/caregivers as well. Counseling typically occurs for an hour a week; we involve caregivers with the hopes that counseling work can continue at home.

Comprehensive Intake Evaluation

For youth ages three (3) to 12, we take four to five sessions to complete a comprehensive evaluation:

  • Parent Meeting
  • School Observation (if needed)
  • Family Session
  • Individual Child Session(s)
  • Parent Feedback Session

For teens ages 13 and up, the intake process requires three to four sessions:

  • Parent Meeting (if needed)
  • Family Intake Session
  • Individual Teen Session(s)
  • Parent or Family Feedback Session


To learn more about our counseling services for youth or to schedule an Appointment, Contact Us.