Intensive, Short-Term Support 

At Creative Counseling Indy we understand that weekly counseling session may not be the right fit for every behavior and circumstance. We offer short-term intensive therapy for youth:

  • with moderate to severe emotional and behavioral challenges
  • who have attempted traditional counseling and have had limited success
  • who live out of town
  • who present sensory processing challenges and mental health symptoms
  • who recently experienced a traumatic event.

What does Intensive Therapy entail?

  • Initial parent meeting with therapist
  • School observation, if appropriate
  • One to Two weeks of intensive services including
    • Family session (1 per week)
    • Daily therapy sessions for child or teen (5 per week)
    • Parent session (2-3 per week)
  • Collaborative family meeting to determine next steps of care.

How do I know if my child needs Intensive Therapy?

There are many reasons children enter Intensive Therapy at Creative Counseling Indy including:

  • experiences recent traumatic events (natural disaster, death of close relative, divorce, abuse, witness to violence)
  • ongoing behavioral challenges that traditional counseling did not seem to help
  • sensory integration and mental health challenges combined
  • sudden increase in tantrums and behavioral outburst that seem uncontrolled by methods that worked in the past
  • parents/caregivers feeling lost at how to manage child’s challenges
  • unexplainable violent and/or unsafe behavior

One marker that we look for at Creative Counseling is if the child is struggling to manage basic tasks in two or more settings (such as school and home) or if the child is demonstrating violent or unsafe behavior. These is an indicator the child may need some intensive focused support.

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