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With over five years experience as media manager, professional blogger and social media marketer for a national mental health organization, I have learned the ins and outs of creating an online presence, developing a brand and marketing it with purpose.

Digital Marketing Coaching Can Assist with Your:

I enjoy coaching others on putting their brand out with confidence while providing marketing incentives for their personal businesses. I have simple and creative solutions for your practice.

Whether you need guidance on small details or want to overhaul your entire strategy, let’s work through it together. I am located in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas for face-to-face meetings and by video chat for all.

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$75 for your initial 90 minute consultation and $60/consulting hour thereafter.

Initial Consultation includes:

  • 15 minute phone/video chat consultation
  • Brief homework assignments focused on defining your audience, naming strengths and identifying areas of needs
  • I will review all current marketing materials (website, social media)
  • 75 to 90 minute consultation session to review recommendations, coach on highest areas of need


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