Online Sessions

We provide secure online sessions for a variety of needs including:

  • Online Counseling for Youth and Families
  • Parent Meetings/Parent Coaching
  • Out-of-Town Sessions
  • Crisis Sessions
  • Clinical Consultation

Online Counseling

Though face-to-face counseling is ideal, we know it is not always possible. Creative Counseling offers online counseling for youth – ages ten (10) and up, and families for a variety of needs including:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • behavior challenges
  • social fears
  • struggles in public
  • self-harm
  • LGBTQ social stress
  • family conflict
  • low self-esteem

If possible (not required), the therapist may ask to meet in-person for the first session and all subsequent sessions can be completed online.

Parent Meetings/Parent Coaching

For youth under age 12, parent meetings and parent feedback sessions are an essential part of the initial evaluation. We offer the option for parents to attend such meetings in person or through our secure online portal. 

This is also beneficial for youth who live in two homes; providing an avenue for both families to participate with the therapist.

Out-of-Town Sessions

We understand that counseling sessions are important even when a family is on vacation or the therapist is out-of-town. Our online session option ensures your youth will never have to miss an appointment.

Crisis Sessions

Need to see your therapist before your next appointment? We can arrange an online session to work through a challenging circumstance. Of note: crisis online sessions do not replace emergency services for individuals experiencing a psychiatric emergency. Visit our Emergency Services for referral information.

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