Who We are

Creative Counseling for Youth and Families provides high-quality, individualized counseling services to children ages three to 12, teens 13+ and families in Northern Indianapolis. Creative Counseling is founded on three principles: speaking the language of youth; engaging family and; acceptance/inclusion.

Why ‘Creative’ Counseling?

  • First, we believe overcoming challenges, difficult feelings or behaviors and moving towards positive change requires problem solving. Problem solving is easier when there is room for creative solution making rather than ‘sticking to the script’ or ‘staying in the box.’
  • Secondly, we know that every youth and family is unique with individualized needs and strengths. Therefore, we treat each case differently, creating appropriate treatment goals, sessions and expectations.
  • Finally, in addition to talk-based therapy, Creative Counseling provides therapy through a variety of arts. Do you know a teen who is not much of talker? We may engage them in photo-based therapy or poetry therapy. How about a child who runs around and doesn’t seem able to focus? We may engage them in movement therapy or play therapy to address concerns. The use of the arts provide our trained therapists creative solutions for a variety of challenges.

We Embrace Individuality

At Creative Counseling, we focus on client-centered care: addressing the goals and challenges the client/family identifies, while never trying to make a client fit into a box of predetermined therapy interventions. Therapy should be as unique as you are, catered specifically to your needs and way of being.

It is not our mission to change a youth or family, but to assist with positive progress towards desired change.

Creative Counseling accepts all people and celebrates the uniqueness of each person who walks through our door.

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